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Welcome to ARMCHAIR FICTION. We are dedicated to the restoration of classic genre fiction. Here you will find new, "Extra Large" paperback editions of top genre fiction from the past.

We Have15 NEW RELEASES FOR WINTER 2015! Tons of science fiction and horror and with all your favorite authors from the past: Jack Williamson, Keith Laumer, Raymond Z. Gallun, Marion Zimmer Bradley, Frederik Pohl, Edmond Hamilton, ISaac Asimov, Murray Leinster, and many others. We have 10 New Double Novels, 3 New Single Novels, and 2 New "Gems" Short Story Collections.

MURDER MYSTERIES COME TO ARMCHAIR FICTION. Armchair Fiction has recently taken the plunge into the world of steamy mystery novels with FOUR CLASSIC MURDER MYSTERIES, featuring well-known whodunit authors: Frank Kane, Milton Ozaki, Sterling Noel, and Stephen Marlowe. Just click on "new releases" to take a gander at these and other new Armchair Fiction titles. With over 200 titles, Armchair Fiction is the best source for Nostalgic Genre Fiction. SEARCH BY AUTHOR OR BOOK TITLE! Simply click on our search button to take you to our main search engine.
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