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Welcome to ARMCHAIR FICTION. We are dedicated to the restoration of classic genre fiction. Here you will find new, "Extra Large" paperback editions of top genre fiction from the past.

Releases! Spring 2021

There's a slew of terrific new Armchair Fiction titles for you to cuddle up with: 10 New Science Fiction Doubles; 3 New Science Fiction Singles, and 2 new Science Fiction and Horror Gems collections featuring fully illustrated stories by many of the great masters of horror and sci-fi: Henry Slesar, Edmond Hamilton, Robert Bloch, Henry Kuttner, Milton Lesser, John W. Campbell, Paul Ernst, and many others. Our new science fiction doubles and singles also feature many top story-tellers like Robert Silverberg, David H. Keller, Jack Williamson, Rog Phillips, Otis Adelbert Kline, Robert Moore Williams, Neil R. Jones and many others. Check 'em out today!

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